Nail Service in Macclesfield

If you’re looking to get a manicure, pedicure or one of the many other nail services we offer here at Mirror Mirror, then you’re in safe hands with Kerry and the rest of the team.

  • Mini Manicure £15
  • Luxury Manicure £28
  • Gel Nails £22
  • Rockstar Nails £24
  • Gell 2 Gel Polish £22
  • Perfect 10 (per nail) £3.70
  • Feet Mini Pedicure £15
  • Luxury Pedicure £28 + £5 with Gel
  • Gel Toes £22
  • Rockstar Toes (Full Glitter) £23
  • IBX Nail Protect add £2
  • Calgel Overlay £30
  • Calgel infill £25

With all nail treatments we prioritize in protecting the natural nail, through the use of high quality UK sourced products, including Calgel, Cuccio and Gell 2 with non abrasive removal techniques,

Perfect 10 £3.70 per nail

Broken a nail just before your appointment? Fear not we can build up individual nails to match the rest giving you the perfect 10

For Accent Nails or a French Finish add £2

Ask about our nail strengthening treatment IBX.

Please Note We Do Not offer Nail Extensions

CALGEL allows air and moisture to pass through the layers of the gel so nails do not become dehydrated, flaky or brittle over time. For this reason, no ‘break’ is needed between treatments and one can infill up to three times before requiring a soak off. After fully and safely soaking off, fresh layers of Calgel can be applied without the worry of ruining the natural nail.

One unique asset of Calgel’s ability to infill allows changing colour from a lighter gel colour to a darker shade, giving a whole new look without having to soak off. Fortnightly removals are not necessary, this avoids over exposure to soak off products which may cause the nails to dry out, if being used too often. Calgel is as close to an everlasting polish as you can get.

Gel nails are a specific type of artificial nails, but have a more natural look especially when compared to acrylic nails. Calgel, in particular, was designed with the natural nail in mind. If you are looking for a product that not only protects, but also helps to improve the condition of the natural nail, then this is the product for you.

Calgel allows and encourages nail growth whist providing beautiful, long lasting and glossy nails. Its damage free soak off has gained a strong reputation since its introduction; Calgel remains the only true ORIGINAL one phase soak off gel. To help answer the question, ‘what are gel nails?’, try Calgel for yourself and you will understand why so many convert to gel nails from other, harsher systems.