Where can I get waxed? 

It’s a bit of a loaded question asking where you can get waxed.  Well if you’re looking for a salon that will take that unwanted hair away then Mirror Mirror is the place for all your waxing needs.

If you’re asking where on your body you can get waxed, well the answer to that, is pretty much anywhere.  Take a look below at the price list that gives you an idea of the choices you have.  If you’re looking for an alternative option then check out our IPL Hair Removal service.

How much does waxing cost?


  • Half Leg £12
  • Full Leg £20
  • Basic Bikini £9
  • High Bikini £12
  • Brazilian £22
  • Hollywood £25
  • Thong £15
  • Under Arm £7
  • Lip/Chin £6
  • Back £1
  • Small of Back £9
  • Navel £6
  • Nostril £6

We use …Hot/Strip wax for the most long lasting smooth finish